👋I'm Nanne, an aspiring designer who wish to build amazing contents. I am a web developer specialized in building [and occasionally designing] exceptional experiences. At the moment I'm interested in improving my technical skills and expanding my know-how in the tech world!


My Portfolio

A Portfolio Design— everything about me

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Tasty Pizza

A food menu app project designed for a client in Mauritius.

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Video Chatting Application UI

A Video Chatting Application UI is a project that a did out of fun when I started having obsession with BOITY, a South African Rapper and Entrepreneur.

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Responsive Website for finding Rental Homes

Designing a project with focus on the renting experience that can be used to connect users with landlords, agents and real estate companies to make it safer, easier and faster to find and interact between themselves.

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Emergency Blood App with Responsive Website

Designing a platform that will be developed and delivered to be used by the general public, Health professionals and the Blood delivering service.

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Iviebuttons Web Design

Iviebuttons is a Fashion House with focus on Elegance!

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Car Transport App UI

This app is permission based, meaning this application has very limited functionality, but allows employees to track and manage the bookings and reviews much more efficiently.

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